Practical Experience is the Key
The Solutous Group consists of highly experienced Environmental, Health and Safety executives dedicated to providing focused EH&S solutions. We serve clients facing significant environmental, human health or safety challenges and who need immediate project management expertise to analyze and resolve them.

The Solutous Group differs from traditional consulting companies in that we are available to smaller companies, (or for specific projects within bigger companies), that may not be broad enough in scope to warrant the resources and subsequent costs associated with the larger consulting firms.

The Solutous Group knows, from personal experiences, that many EH&S problems within any company have straightforward solutions. We are able to identify and apply those solutions to specific problems on a timely and cost-effective basis.

Strategic Locations
Our experienced professionals are currently located throughout the United States and Canada. However, we recognize that many company's operations extend beyond regional borders, and we continue to develop strategic networks with EH&S executives in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and Latin America. All of our associates have had 20+ years of international experience and are available to companies located throughout the world today.